About Waits-Mast Family Cellars
Waits-Mast was founded by Brian Mast and Jennifer Waits. When we first met, we would often get together with friends and go on “moonlight meanders” (originated by our friend Samuel in L.A.). Born of a love of poetry and the romance of a cool night in the mountains, these moonlit hikes led us through the lush hills of Northern California. Huddled on the dark hillsides, sharing our favorite poems, stories and tasty snacks, we needed something to warm our gullet and nurture our soul. Wine was passed around, as was lively conversation. And as our literary tastes expanded, so too did our palates.

Like the moonlight meanders, we traversed the California coast, exploring its many wine regions — from Anderson Valley to Santa Barbara County. We plotted vacations around tasting rooms, wine-oriented restaurants and wine bars. And we’ve sunk ourselves into volumes of books to learn more about the history, landscape and process of winemaking. Like a verse that haunts you, Pinot Noir kept on finding us, tapping our shoulder. It was always (and remains) our favorite varietal. Simply enjoying this new passion wasn’t enough, however; we committed ourselves to taking a crack at our own shared vision of Pinot Noir.

A good poem finds just the right words to express an emotion, an experience or a place. Similarly, a good bottle of wine can summon the beauty of the earth or transport you to another time, but more importantly, when surrounded by loved ones, it can stir the soul. When we make our small lot, single vineyard Pinot Noir, we want to bring you such an experience. We’re meandering through some of the best growing regions for this varietal, looking to express a specific plot of land and a particular point in time…and then bring you a delicious bottle of wine to share with food, friends and perhaps some good poetry.

The different vineyards from which we are sourcing our fruit experience the cooling influence of valley fog that rolls in in the afternoon and out in the mornings. Hence the name of our series of wines and this blog — Valley Fog.
So join us as we savor the variations of some of the best up and coming Pinot Noir vineyards in California. We hope our wine stirs new conversations around your dinner table and becomes an old favorite in your cellar. And we hope this blog entertains and informs you about our journey to making really great Pinot Noir.

Brian Mast and Jennifer Waits, proprietors


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