Summertime Peek at our Vineyard Sources: Part 3 – Wentzel by Jennifer

Wentzel Vineyard in July, 2016. Photo: J. Waits

Harvest is getting closer, so I wanted to wrap up my series of vineyard visits from last month. On July 23, we took a trip through three of the Anderson Valley Vineyards that Waits-Mast sources from. I’ve already covered our visits to Deer Meadows Vineyard and Nash Mill Vineyard and in this post I’ll focus on Wentzel Vineyard.

Located in the hills above Philo, Wentzel Vineyard is a magical place surrounded by woods. Touring our specific sites requires a short hike up a road and then uphill through vineyards. Along the way we passed the Wentzels’ chicken house and then journeyed near a tree stump that was riddled with acorn-stuffed holes. Nature was all around us, reminding us of the many inhabitants of the area, including lizards, hawks, coyotes, fox, and bears.


Acorn-stuffed tree trunk at Wentzel Vineyard. Photo: J. Waits

As far as the fruit, things seemed to be progressing more quickly at Wentzel than at the other two vineyards that we visited. This isn’t unusual, as Wentzel is often our first harvest of the year, which was certainly the case when we picked on August 29 in 2015 (our prior picks were on September 4 in 2014, September 8 in 2013 and September 24 in 2012).


Pinot Noir fruit at Wentzel Vineyard, July, 2016. Photo: J. Waits

Although it varied by location in the vineyard, we saw more purple berries at Wentzel than at our other two vineyards. With 2016 a cooler year, we’re expecting that our harvest date will be in early September; so it’s time for another vineyard visit soon!


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Very cool site! I was just up in Anderson Valley this past weekend visiting a couple of wineries. Do you have a tasting room? Love to check it out next time we’re back up there. We live in Napa but have a keen appreciation for Sonoma and Mendocino. Except for the drive up Highway 1. My wife almost jumped out of the car after 10 miles of back-to-back hairpin turns. Next time I’ll take the 128 up. Check out our wine country blog and follow us if you like what you see:

Comment by topochinesvino

Thanks so much. We don’t have a tasting room, unfortunately.

Comment by Jennifer

Oh well. If you ever invite interested people up for a more casual visit, let me know. We will be up in Oregon next week in the Willamette and Rogue Valleys, and most of the places I’m visiting are small production wineries with no tasting rooms.

Comment by topochinesvino

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