Urban Winemaking Gets Nod in SF Chronicle by Jennifer
July 20, 2009, 11:16 am
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San Francisco Chronicle Looks at Urban Winemaking

San Francisco Chronicle Looks at Urban Winemaking

It was with giddy anticipation that the Waits-Mast household awoke yesterday, knowing that perhaps maybe we’d get mentioned by Jon Bonné in his San Francisco Chronicle article about urban winemaking in San Francisco. Jennifer had been interviewed earlier in the week for the story, but one never knows what might actually appear in print.

Around 8:00 our paper finally arrived (of all days, there were printing issues with the paper yesterday so it got to our house late and some poor folks didn’t even get the Food and Wine section until today) and Brian raced outside to unwrap it and see if we made the cut.

The article, called “Wine Country hits the big city: Urban vintners, tasting rooms make their mark in San Francisco” in the print version and titled “S.F. Becomes the New Wine Country” in the just-posted-today online version of the story, does a nice job of profiling a number of San Francisco-based winemakers. In today’s companion post on his The Cellarist blog, Bonné also maps out the locations for various SF-based wineries.

Waits-Mast Review in SF Chronicle

Waits-Mast Review in SF Chronicle

We were really excited to get mentioned in the story and are particularly proud of the fact that our 2007 Wentzel Pinot Noir got a nice review as well. The review ended with the line “Deft and eminently drinkable,” which felt like such high praise. We were also pleased that the review stated, “Tastes like old-fashioned Anderson Valley Pinot…” since our wine making dreams really began in Anderson Valley. We spent so many years going to the technical conferences at the Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival and that’s really where we felt the warmth of that wine community and gained the confidence to start making wine.


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