2008 Crush Continues with Hein and La Encantada Vineyards by valleyfog
October 17, 2008, 9:36 am
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Here come the Hein out!!

Here come the Hein out!!

On Monday, October 6, our grapes from Hein Vineyard in Anderson Valley and La Encantada Vineyard in Santa Rita Hills came in for sorting. We were all a little worried about the rain that had passed through during the previous weekend, but the grapes looked very good upon arrival. The showers had cleared up around midday Saturday, so the grapes had a couple of warm (and windy in some locations) days to dry out. The timing of this harvest is an interesting contrast to the early September harvest for Amber Ridge. When these wines finally get bottled (patience, my friends) it will be fun to try all three side by side and enjoy the differences in location and climate (among other components of terroir).

Check out these beauties. Pinot Noir clusters from Anderson Valley.

Check out these beauties. Pinot Noir clusters from Anderson Valley.

Luckily for our schedule, grapes from Anderson Valley and Santa Rita Hills came in on the same day, so we rolled up our sleeves to sort through a couple of tons of grapes. Luckily, we had some help, all the way from Chicago. John Baglivo is also making wine with La Encatada grapes and he had just arrived from the Windy City to do his sort, too. For Hein, we sorted through a half ton of 115 clone and then a few pounds of Pommard clone. We’re looking forward to seeing the results of this co-ferment blend, as we haven’t used a Pommard clone before. Pommard can impart a more robust, fleshy characteristic, while the Dijon clone 115 tends to be lighter and brighter.

Getting our hands dirty on the line with some gorgeous La Encantada fruit.

Getting our hands dirty on the line with some gorgeous La Encantada fruit.

We sorted through two bins of La Encantada, but it went quickly because the clusters were almost flawless. Small clusters and small berries and little to no raisins and no sign of mold. The only real interlopers were some pincer-bugs, a stink bug and a drunk bee. We survived unscathed! The clones we sorted for La Encantada were Dijon clones 777 and 115. Again, 115 is a bit brighter, usually showing more red fruit like strawberry and cherry, and 777 tends to display more dark berry and have more structure and tannin going on.

All the while, we were being filmed by Carol, a videographer for Crushpad. After the sort, she sat down with Jennifer and me for a brief interview about our wine and why we are addicted to winemaking. Keep in mind that it was late in the night and I didn’t have all my speaking points prepared! Jennifer, of course, was charming and adorable. Also, the sound isn’t great because of the background noise at the winery. But enjoy nonetheless! Stay posted to this blog for updates on our 2008 wines and other happenings at Waits-Mast.


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